We are sport club Klub freestylového lyžování Most z.s. , connecting freestyle skiers focusing on slopestyle and big air. Our base is in the city Most. Our activities are organisation of czech freeski tour, europa cups, , trainings of czech national team and czech talented kids. We are doing a lot of events as kids days, freeski camps and regullar trainings for kids from Most and close surround.  We operate Jumpark Matylda , bigest jump for freeski in czech republic. . 


Jumpark Havraň was our first project,  which we have built  on old swimming area in Havran.. We operated there jump with foampit landing. We operated this area 7 years. . We made there lot of events as kids days, competitions, training camps.. Area was werry expensive especially for maintenance of foampit landing. . We decide to build new one on Matylda lake with water landing. 


First steps heading to build new area started in 2017, when we found new place on Matylda Lake in city Most, explored bottom of lake if it its suitable deep for landings. We started project works and ensured all statements from concerned autorities. We had to figured out all statics for ramp. We got builiding approval in 2019., when we started build. In January 2020 we got the grant from government and all works could be finished. We got approval of building authority 15.12.2020 and now we are prepared to start operation in May 2021 ..